Om Mig (About Me)

Hej, there! Lily here. I am (almost) 20 and a rising senior at Vanderbilt University. There, I am studying Medicine, Health, and Society with minors in Sociology and Theatre Production. I originally started this blog to document my experiences studying abroad in Sweden fall semester of my junior year.

Why Lilla Lily?

“Lilla” is Swedish for little. At 5’2″, I am much shorter than the average Swede.

Even though my time as a student blogger for DIS Stockholm has come to an end, I intend to continue blogging about my college experiences and the uncertain transition in to post-grad plans.

Right now, I am hoping to eventually attend medical school, but in the meantime, my future is wide open. I am planning to pursue a Masters in Global Health back in Stockholm at Karolinska Institutet. I may also work with Doctors without Borders or achieve my childhood dreams of working as a princess at Disney World.

The world is uncertain right now and no one knows what the future holds, least of all me. Will you join my on my journey?