Om Mig (About Me)

Hej, there! Lily here. I am 19 and a rising junior at Vanderbilt University. There, I am studying Medicine, Health, and Society with minors in Sociology and Theatre Production. This semester, I am studying Public Health at DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia in Stockholm.

Why Lilla Lily?

“Lilla” is Swedish for little. At 5’2″, I am much shorter than the average Swede.

At DIS, I am taking a variety of classes, including some with a public health focus (Public Health and Migration, Public Health Policy in Progress), Swedish Language and Culture, and some topics that I am passionate about (Glued to the Screen: TV, Norms, and Culture; Human Trafficking and the Sex Trade).

Throughout this semester, I will travel to Gothenburg, Sweden and Geneva, Switzerland with my program to discuss the access to health care for migrants. I also plan to travel to Dublin, Copenhagen, and other cities in Europe during my time abroad.

As an official student blogger for DIS, I am excited for the opportunity to share my experiences with others. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about DIS and studying abroad in Stockholm!