Snöskoter (Snowmobiling)

Bucket list: checked

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Kiruna, Sweden over our November break with some new friends! Kiruna lies north of the Arctic Circle, and at this time of year is permanently frozen.

The squad: Ivana, Shay, Me, Annmarie, and Connor

I was extremely lucky that I was able to check one big thing off of my bucket list: seeing the Northern Lights.

A very blurry picture of the Northern Lights, possible thanks to the Northern Lights Camera app

While there, we took advantage of what the Far North has to offer, including:

  • Snowmobiling: I was super nervous before going out on the ice, but I am now a snowmobile fiend. We drove around the frozen lake for a few laps, before going through the woods and down the frozen Torne River, driving past the Ice Hotel. We were also able to visit an indigenous Sami family and meet some of their reindeer.
  • Dog Sledding: We went dog sledding our first night, and it was wonderful! The doggos were super sweet and excited to be doing the run that night. It was so cold that my bangs froze during the few hours we were out.
  • Saunas: We were able to book the private sauna for a few hours, and it was a totally new experience. In the middle of our session, we popped outside to look at the Northern Lights and cool down a bit.
  • Sun: The sun was only out for about four hours a day, but the views were so pretty when it was sunny. Oranges, yellows, purples, and blues reflected off the glistening snow. The landscapes were unreal.
  • Mys: Coziness was essential to surviving the bitter cold of winters in Lapland. One of the best parts of the trip was getting to cook, build a fire in the wood stove, and hang out with dear friends.

Check out some more pictures from my trip below:

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