The Definitive Guide to Dublin

One week has made me an expert.

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Dublin over my break week here in Stockholm. My friend Gelsey goes to Trinity College, and I was able to visit her, attend some classes, and experience life in Dublin for a week. Now that I’m officially an expert, here is the definitive top 8 list of things to do in Dublin.

Visit EPIC: The Irish Immigration Museum, EPIC, is an interactive museum where you can learn about past strifes and triumphs of Ireland. My favorite part was the passport you got stamped in each of the themed rooms.

Go Vintage Shopping: After successfully discovering the most eclectic pieces in Dublin, take pics in front of a cool mural.

Find a Dramatic Staircase: Pose on it. Reflect on life and stuff.

Brunch: Embarrass your friend by photographing the food. Then embarrass your friend by photographing them.

Eat a Cute Spooky Cookie: When you need a break, nothing is more refreshing than a spooky lil’ shortbread cookie with a marshmallow spider on top.

Visit the Dead Museum, otherwise known as the Natural History Museum of Ireland. Witness hundreds of taxidermied creatures from Ireland and around the world. Marvel at the dozens of elementary, middle, and high schoolers drawing pictures of the dead creatures on a field trip.

Try Your First Ever Guinness: Where better to try a Guinness for the first time than its birthplace?

See Belinda Carlisle in Concert: Grab a friend and jam along to the former Go-Go and current pop sensation. Have a blast reliving the Runaway Horses tour and being much younger than the rest of the fanbase.

These are definitely the best things I experienced in Dublin. Admittedly, my perspective may be a bit limited, but I cannot recommend them enough. Stay tuned for Gelsey’s reflections on her visit to Stockholm!

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